Elemental; Litha Writing Challenge 2018

Elemental Writing Challange Banner3

Hey everyone! First, happy Litha (Summer Solstice)! Second, this is an element-inspired prompt challenge and the submission end date is August 31st, so you have all summer to write! You only have to be inspired by the prompt(s), everything else is you and your imagination. That’s another thing, you don’t have to stick to one! If you are inspired by more than one, make multiple stories, or combine more than one prompt! Let your plot bunnies run free, all entries accepted! I hope you have fun writing.

Here are the prompts:


And the rules:

  • Must use prompt(s).
  • All fandoms are allowed.
  • No letting anyone knowing which story is yours.
  • If you submit, you can grab the Banner for Participating. You will also receive a banner for the story you submit:
  • Elemental Writing Challange Banner-apart-of
  • If explicit, you need to warn people in the title.
  • All entries must be received by brookietwiling@gmail.com by Midnight BST at the end of the 14th of October 2018.

(Thank you Kittyinaz for letting me use your rules/model this challenge off of yours)

Voting will start around a week after the end date. Good luck!

Brookie Twiling


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