Litha 2018

Heart pounding in her chest, anxiety filling her thoughts. The frustrated androgynous woman sat in her living room, NCIS playing on the TV, a laptop on her curled up lap as she let go of that annoying thing named ‘fear’ and posted her first writing challenge…

Heyo all! Brookie here, been awhile- right? Just wanted to share with you my very first writing challenge, which is elemental-inspired and I am realizing, on this annoyingly sunny Litha day. (I don’t care if it’s the Summer Solstice, Sol- you are annoying… and way. To. Freaking. Hot!)

Btw, if you haven’t figured it out, Litha is the Pagan/Wicca name for the Summer Solstice… at least I think it’s only them, eh, I’m still learning.

Anywho- click on the banner to get to the Elemental Writing Challenge page, I really hope you join in! I can’t wait to read your writing.

Elemental Writing Challange Banner3


Now for the gif (cause I ain’t breaking that tradition anytime soon):


Don’t think I’ve shared that one before…

Brookie Twiling


(For some reason my gif got deleted from my media library… pity)


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